Update in COVID-19 activity at Goshen Health

June 8, 2020

The rate of COVID-19 transmission continues to increase in Elkhart County. The numbers from March 11th to date for cases handled by Goshen Health are now:
  • Completed 5,411 tests
  • Received 4,181 negative test results
  • Received 702 positive test results (14.4% of results received)
  • Admitted 82 patients and discharged 68
  • Confirmed 3 COVID-positive related mortalities
People returning to work, a relaxation of social distancing and not wearing masks in public are some of the reasons for the increases – it is vital that the community work together to stop the spread of the virus.

“The most important step we can take is to keep our guard up. We need to do everything we know to reduce our exposure and likelihood of transmitting the virus,” said Dr. Daniel Nafziger, Hospital Chief Medical Officer. “Across the system, our healthcare workers who are caring for COVID-19 patients have not contracted the virus – as long as they were wearing the prescribed PPE. This provides reassurance that taking precautions makes all the difference. For the public, this means wearing masks is still one of the most critical actions that will make a difference.”

In addition to wearing a mask, it is crucial that you practice social distancing, wash your hands, disinfect household surfaces, cover your cough and stay home as much as possible. And, if you feel ill, stay home, call your doctor and get tested. These simple steps will help protect you and your loved ones.

Goshen Health has resumed services with significantly expanded safety and cleaning measures to ensure health care is accessible for all in a safe environment. Plus, they offer virtual visits to enable people to receive care from the convenience and safety of their homes. People with chronic or other conditions that require monitoring or interventions are encouraged to resume their appointments with their providers, to ensure they are not delaying necessary health care.