Volunteer provides comfort at infusion center

March 13, 2018

GOSHEN, Ind. – Few people in an infusion treatment center choose to be there. Sherri Seniff is different. A volunteer with Goshen Center for Cancer Care, she chooses to be with patients in the Infusion Center every Wednesday. She brings moments of hope, laughter and reassurance into a room that can feel cold and sterile.

“I try to bring a smile to patients every day I’m there,” she said.

Seniff knows a simple smile can start a conversation. Patients often tell her their life stories. In turn, she freely shares tales about her family.

“You don’t realize how much you affect people or the friendships you make,” she said.

Even though she may not remember every name, she knows their faces and remembers the smallest details about their lives.

Her tasks as a volunteer may seem simple, but they mean a lot to the patients. She greets patients as they enter, finds a nurse to answer questions, brings a meal tray to a companion or a blanket to a patient. Whatever needs to be done, Seniff knows she is making a difference.

Patients returning for a new round of chemotherapy tell Seniff she is a bright spot in their cancer journey. They know she is willing to listen and that she truly cares about them.

The mother of four has been a volunteer all her life. From food pantries and hospice care to school and church functions, Seniff has devoted hundreds of hours to volunteer activities. In addition to her dedication to the infusion center, she is active on the Auxiliary Board for Goshen Hospital and the board for Goshen Health Foundation.

For Seniff, it’s a privilege to serve others.

“I want to be there,” she said, “I don’t have to be there.”

Volunteers at Goshen Health serve as an important bridge between the community and the hospital. For more information about volunteer opportunities at Goshen Health, contact Karla Beasley, volunteer director: kbeasley@goshenhealth.com or (574) 364-2633.