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Goshen Center for Cancer Care offers world-renowned expertise in a smaller community environment. Our integrative oncology team is made up of medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, naturopathic doctors, mind-body counselors and dietitians for a unique, multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. Located in Goshen, Indiana, our doctors specialize in advanced cancer treatments so we can keep patients close to care and close to you.

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Address: 200 High Park Ave., Goshen, IN 46526  Map
Physician referral line: (574) 364-2973
Emergency referral: (574) 364-1000 and ask for the on-call oncologist
Fax: (574) 364-2488

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Spotlight articles

Spotlight provides information on the latest therapies, technologies or approaches to cancer treatment that are available at Goshen Center for Cancer Care.

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Dr. Urs von Holzen
Ovarian Cancer
Dr. Pamela Stone
Pancreatic Cancer
Dr. Urs von Holzen
Regional Therapy
Dr. Leonard Henry
Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy
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