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About the Program

The Magnet Recognition Program® designates healthcare organizations that meet rigorous standards for nursing excellence, quality patient care and innovations in professional nursing practice. Magnet designation exemplifies an ongoing commitment to excellence in nursing care. Goshen Hospital received Magnet designation for the first time in 2004 and achieved re-designation in 2009, 2014 and 2019.

Benefits of a Magnet Designation

For Patients and Families

Status as a Magnet recognized hospital benefits the entire Goshen Health system and assures patients, families and the community of the highest quality care. For patients and families, Magnet designation means:

  • Improved care across the continuum
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • High-quality nursing care
  • Reduced risk of hospital-related complications
  • High levels of patient and family satisfaction
  • Nursing staff dedicated to ongoing professional development through advanced education and certifications
For Our Colleagues

Magnet designation shows that our environment at Goshen Hospital promotes excellence in professional nursing practice. Excellent practice requires collaboration across disciplines, ongoing support at all levels and involvement of all Colleagues across the organization. For our Colleagues, Magnet designation means:

  • Collaboration among all members of the healthcare team
  • An environment that supports ongoing professional development
  • High levels of Colleague satisfaction
  • Low turnover rates
  • A culture of empowerment and innovation
  • Advancement of nursing practice by creating a spirit of inquiry, using evidence and research to drive changes in practice

Empowering Our Colleagues

Goshen nurses are talented, dedicated professionals committed to their patients and families, the community and each other as fellow Colleagues. Our Nursing Professional Practice Model and commitment to Relationship-Based Care support interprofessional collaboration to foster healing relationships that promote health and wellness. Nurses embody the organizational core values of compassion, accountability, respect and excellence and live them daily as they strive to achieve their personal and professional mission.

Our nurses know that we hear and value their ideas. Our unique TUL (The Uncommon Leader) culture and nursing professional governance structure empower nurses at Goshen to lead change and advance practice. Our nursing professional governance councils, including our Unit Practice Councils (UPCs), provide nurses the opportunity to use their knowledge and expertise to advance practice and improve quality of care.

UPCs are unit-based nursing committees that are integral to nursing professional governance at Goshen Hospital. Clinical nurses in UPCs lead initiatives based on data to improve patient safety, quality outcomes, and the work environment. Nurses in our core professional governance councils work together to positively impact quality, safety, and coordination of care across the continuum.

Our unique TUL culture encourages all Colleagues to implement ideas and lead change with the goal of exceeding best practices. Every Colleague is considered a leader and has the ability to make changes to his or her practice area by submitting ideas. At Goshen Health, your ideas matter, and we are listening.

The History of the Magnet Recognition Program®

During the nursing shortage of the early 1970s and 1980s, the American Academy of Nursing established a Task Force on Nursing Practice in hospitals. This task force conducted a study of the organizational factors at various hospitals, focusing on those hospitals that were able to maintain a competent nurse workforce during this shortage. The task force wanted to identify and describe characteristics that created an environment that attracted and retained well-qualified nurses who promoted quality patient, resident or client care.

The characteristics that distinguished “Magnet” organizations from others during the study remain as important attributes that promote excellence in nursing. Magnet organizations are required to provide examples showing that each of the Magnet standards of excellence are met and the characteristics that attract and retain nurses are present.

Magnet Attraction

As a four-time ANCC Magnet® Organization, Goshen Hospital is attracting top talent to fill a number of open nursing and scrub tech opportunities. Our unique culture gives our nurses a powerful voice to directly influence the high caliber care we deliver to our patients. As a Goshen Hospital Colleague, you’ll be surrounded by professional caregivers who share your high standards for care and passion for excellence.

If you’re feeling the pull of professional growth, personal satisfaction and financial rewards, then maybe you’re ready to join the Goshen Health team.

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Are you ready to join the Goshen Health team?

If you’re feeling the pull of professional growth, personal satisfaction and financial rewards, then maybe you’re ready to join the Goshen Health team.

Are you a new or existing patient?