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VIZIENT/AACN Nurse Residency Program™

Goshen Health is proud to offer a program to help newly licensed nurses successfully transition into clinical practice.

At Goshen Health, we care about you and are committed to empower you to successfully navigate your professional nursing journey. We have partnered with the Vizient/ AACN Nurse Residency Program and are proud to provide resources to help our new nurses gain confidence and increase competence during this nine-month program. Your well-being as a new nurse is enhanced through hands on training and processing clinical experiences.

As a newly licensed nurse at Goshen Hospital, you will receive mentoring from an experienced nurse, build relationships with peers and participate in engaging learning experiences in a supportive environment. The interactive sessions using evidence-based curriculum will increase your ability to:

  • Use effective decision-making skills
  • Provide clinical nursing leadership when administering care
  • Incorporate research-based evidence into practice
  • Strengthen professional commitment to nursing
  • Formulate an individualized professional development plan

There is no separate application to the AACN/ Vizient Nurse Residency Program. Every newly licensed RN with less than one-year experience will be enrolled based on hire date. We look forward to providing you the support and encouragement you need as you transition into the nurse you have always wanted to be.

Summer Patient Care Extern Program

If you are a junior nursing student in an accredited nursing program and interested in gaining experience in the nursing profession, the Patient Care Extern program at Goshen Hospital offers you this opportunity. In the Patient Care Extern program, you will work alongside an RN preceptor, gaining experience in the roles of a professional nurse.

Program Testimonials
I am extremely grateful for all that the PCE program offered me. I was able to learn so much about nursing and what occurs day in and day out. My preceptor was extremely supportive in helping me to learn and grow throughout the summer and by the time it was over I felt so much more confident in my nursing abilities! I think that the PCE program really helped to solidify my choice to be a nurse and allowed me a space to maintain the mindset over the summer once classes were done. If you are considering applying for the program don't hesitate and just do it! Every single nurse on the units I worked on were excited to pull me into rooms for educational opportunities, not just my preceptor. I am extremely happy I chose to do the Goshen PCE program and that they chose to invest in me!
Mollee Hopkins
Indiana University South Bend Student – 2020 Patient Care Extern
The first thing I would tell anyone thinking about applying for the PCE program at Goshen Hospital is…..DO IT! I cannot say how grateful I am that Goshen Hospital gave me this opportunity. They try to pair externs with young nurses who graduated in the past few years. This made it less intimidating and easier to ask questions. The RN’s understand because they were in training not long ago. What I found most useful from the PCE program was it gave me a chance to put together all the aspects of nursing. Not only specific nursing skills but how to communicate with other health care professionals and to prioritize patients and their care. The 10-week program gave me a true feeling of what it will be like to work 12hr shifts. It felt more real than what going to a clinical does. The culture at Goshen Hospital is incredible. All the nurses were so helpful and wanted to help me get as much out of the PCE program as I could. They would go out of their way to involve me in unusual situations. My preceptor was very patient and provided a learning culture where I did not feel afraid to make mistakes. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity before going into my senior year of nursing school. Because of this experience, I truly feel it gave me an advantage over my other classmates.
McKenzie Love
Indiana Wesleyan University Student – 2020 Patient Care Extern
The PCE program was an amazing opportunity presented to me the summer before my last semester of nursing school. This program helped me build confidence in my nursing abilities and helped me build irreplaceable interpersonal skills needed for the profession. When I started the program, I was definitely nervous about fitting in with my preceptor and team, but the culture at Goshen Health is so wonderful. I never felt like I was out of place and was always treated with kindness and understanding. It was amazing to work with such an awesome team. The Extern Program itself was great, because we were always checking in with each other and it was always easy to reach out to those in charge or other members of the program. We did reflections throughout the summer which really helped me realize how much I grew. This program helped concretize the skills I had learned so far in school and helped me excel the last semester. I will always recommend the PCE program with Goshen Health!
Kaitlyn Nusbaum
Indiana University South Bend Student – 2020 Patient Care Extern

Summer Patient Care Apprentice Program

If you are a sophomore nursing student in an accredited Nursing program and interested in gaining healthcare experience, the Patient Care Apprentice program at Goshen Hospital offers you this opportunity. In the Patient Care Apprentice program, you will work alongside the nursing team as you learn more about a variety of nursing departments and other healthcare disciplines.

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