Get on track to better health!

ActiveTrac is a simple, fun, FREE program that makes it easier for you and your family to be more active.  All activity counts – you choose what works best for you!  

Try taking that first step, and watch it lead to big health changes.  Track your success and earn rewards!  It all adds up and so do the benefits.  And, best of all, we’re here to help, encourage and support you.


Goshen Health News & Articles

  • Are you too drowsy to drive?


    If you’re doing a lot of driving on your summer vacation, be sure you're getting enough sleep to drive safely. Instead of driving 700 miles in one stretch, break it up into two days so you can get a good night’s sleep along the way. Otherwise, driving while drowsy could put your life and the lives of others in danger.

  • How a health screening saved a man’s life


    Guenther Simon feels fortunate to be alive today. For years, he kept ignoring the signs of big health problems until it was almost too late. He was exhausted all the time, had trouble breathing, lacked energy, couldn't sleep.

  • Get your family on track to better health


    Looking for ways to get your family moving more and feeling better? Online tools like the ActiveTrac program from Goshen Health give you everything you need to be more active together.

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