What to expect when you have a procedure done at Goshen Surgery Center


When confronted with a surgery, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions. It’s important to know what to expect when you have a procedure done. At Goshen Surgery Center, you’ll find convenience and amenity in same-day procedures that don’t require hospital admission.
Our minimally invasive surgeries are performed by proficient and attentive surgeons, and typically cost less than procedures performed in a hospital. The center also provides convenient scheduling, streamlined registration, a relaxed atmosphere, fewer delays due to emergencies and specialized patient care carried out by our trained medical team.
We understand that there can be anxiety when preparing for an outpatient surgical procedure. That’s why we strive to provide patients with expert care while remaining as simple and stress free as possible.
To ease your anxiety, we’ve laid out a timeline of events that will guide you in what to expect when you have a procedure done at Goshen Surgery Center.

Preparing for your procedure

Before your scheduled procedure, one of our nurses will give you a call and ask you to complete a health history profile. They will also provide pre-surgery instructions for your procedure.
It’s important to make arrangements for another adult to come to the center during your procedure. This person will need to be able to give you transportation home after your surgery.

Checking in

To help ease any anxiety when checking in, make sure you have all your needed items ready to go before you leave home. We ask that you bring a picture ID with proof of address, your insurance card and a payment method, if needed.
Give yourself time to become comfortable in our facility by arriving a little bit earlier to your scheduled appointment.
Make sure to have your designated adult present. They will remain at the center during your procedure and will assist you after recovery.

Surgery preparation

After check-in is complete, you will be taken to a pre-op room to get ready for your surgery. Just as you would in a hospital, you will change into a surgical gown while your medical team makes sure everything is in order.
Your nurse will speak with you to review your medical forms and offer assistance for any questions you may have.
At some point you will be visited by an anesthesiologist. They will also review your medical information and provide insight on what to expect with anesthesia.
Lastly, your highly skilled surgeon will check in prior to your procedure to go over surgical details. The surgeon will also want to make sure that you are comfortable and are ready for your procedure.


After the surgical team is finished with your procedure, you will be taken to a post-op bay for recovery. The time it takes to recover varies from surgery to surgery and can be between 20 minutes and 2 hours.
Once in recovery, our main concern is your comfort. During this time, your nurse will assist you with any needs and will be monitoring your vitals.
Goshen Surgery Center aims to make your recovery as simple and pain free as possible. Don’t hesitate to express any needs or concerns with your nurse to help facilitate your recovery.
After your recovery is complete, your nurse will assist with any other questions you may have. They will also review your at-home instructions with the person you brought with you to attend your surgery.
Expect a call from us the day after your procedure. We’ll want to check in with you and will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding your post-operative instructions.

Need a doctor?

Our online search tool gives you an easy way to find a provider or specialist near you. You must have a doctor’s referral for outpatient surgery at Goshen Surgery Center.