Support for the body's natural power to heal


A disease like cancer, hypertension, or diabetes affects your whole body, not just the site of a pain or disorder. It can create imbalances – physically, emotionally and mentally – and leave you with dis-ease.
That's why integrative approaches like naturopathic medicines look beyond individual body parts and consider how all the systems of your body are functioning. To get your body working in harmony takes a clear focus on everything from your diet, sleep patterns and exercise routine to how you cope with stress and find meaning in your life.
Think of it like the foundation of your house. Without a solid base, the structure doesn't stand a chance of protecting you from a storm. Reinforcing and supporting the foundation will help provide your body with the support to deal with health challenges and treatments.
Find out how natural therapies support the body's foundation of health.

Combining medical treatments and natural therapies

Naturopathic medicine bridges the gap between medical tests, procedures and medications to diagnose and treat disease by focusing on and identifying the root cause of dis-ease to restore balance and health. This non-invasive approach uses lifestyle counseling including nutrition, exercise, sleep, mind-body connection, vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies – in conjunction with conventional medical treatment – to stimulate the body's own healing power and help restore vitality.
Sometimes, the holistic approach can seem counterintuitive. Well-intentioned caregivers may tell you total rest is best during treatment for breast cancer. An expert on treating the whole person, however, may recognize the importance of movement in your life and encourage a balanced approach during and after treatment.
Certain aromas, or even pressure applied to certain points on your body, can help with nausea caused by medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. Supplements may help you maintain weight and restore energy as you move through treatment.

How natural therapies help

Here are the basic tenets of naturopathic medicine:
Remove obstacles to health – Modify habits or patterns, such as diet, coping skills, sleep and exercise, that influence overall health.
Support the body's natural healing power – Strengthen self-healing with integrative therapies like nutrition guidance, improving sleep quality and mind-body counseling.
Identify imbalances – Recognize the connection between the body's organs and systems to restore functions to their best potential.
Restore and regenerate health – Use natural, safe, non-invasive therapies to support the body's functions.
Serve as a doctor who teaches – Educate patients about steps to care and bridge the knowledge gap between natural therapies and other treatments.