3 tips to keep you and your family healthy


Let's face it. With all the disruption in routines last year, many of us have put off those all-important visits with the doctor. It's time to reverse that trend and move your health up the priority list.
Here are three ways to take charge of your family's health and get on a path to wellness.
1. Make check-ups a priority. Regular visits with your healthcare provider are as important as ever. Annual exams, immunizations, lab tests, preventive screenings – all make a difference in your overall health and wellbeing.
During a routine check-up, your provider looks for signs of a health issue – whether it's your heart, joints, skin, lungs or overall bodily functions. It's the best way to stay on top of your health and catch symptoms early before they become a problem.
For example, routine tests for school-age children can detect vision and hearing conditions that may affect learning abilities. Preventive screenings may detect weight-related health issues, from pre-diabetes to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other forms of heart disease.
Older patients with complex conditions need regular attention. A doctor with advanced training in internal medicine and geriatrics can work alongside you to help you live a healthy, active life.
Goshen Physicians offices offer in-office and virtual visits. Contact your providers’s office to find out about appointment options that fit your needs. Note, translation services are available whether you come into the office or use telehealth systems.
2. Don't wait 'til it's too late. Check-ins with your provider can make a difference in how you feel and live – particularly if you have a chronic condition. You put yourself at greater risk by postponing medical care, if you have a condition like diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity.
Regular visits give your provider a chance to catch changes in your condition and make sure treatments and medications are working for you. Even if you have no symptoms, it's important to get tested regularly.
When you let health problems go undiagnosed or undetected, you also place yourself at higher risk for complications if you get COVID-19.
3. Safety first, always. Concerned about health safety outside of your home? By most standards, it's safer to go to the doctor's office than to the grocery store or just about any place else these days.
That's because healthcare workers take extra precautions, including masks, screenings, frequent surface cleanings and office arrangements to maintain safe distances.
Our offices have specially designed exam rooms for sick patients that do not allow germs to travel by air out of the room. That means no one is at risk of being in the same room with patients who have COVID-19 symptoms.
If you feel you have symptoms of any illness, let your providers know. They can arrange safe ways for you to get the medical attention you need when you need it.
Talk with your provider
Instead of skipping an appointment or ignoring symptoms, talk with your provider about your health concerns. It's the best way to help you take care of yourself and your family.
Goshen Health has a full range of programs and services to fit your healthcare needs. Find a doctor or health screening that's right for you.
These tips are from Dr. Tamara Kermani at Goshen Physicians Family Medicine Milford. Dr. Kermani is a family medicine physician who provides expert medical care for people of all ages. She is specially trained in internal medicine and geriatrics and treats a wide range of chronic diseases and complex conditions.