Vigilance in vascular care preserves limbs


Terry Beatty, Milford, appreciates the care he’s received over the years from the vascular specialists at Goshen Hospital. “They’re great people. Top notch. They’re not only experts in their field. They show a great deal of concern for patients and their families. I’ve not met doctors quite like them. I’m grateful and impressed.”
Terry has received care from Dr. John Martens and Dr. Justin Lightburn for his peripheral artery disease, while Dr. Abrar Sayeed is his cardiologist.
“I was a car salesman. I did a lot of walking. I noticed a funny feeling in my legs. A burning,” Terry said. Beginning in 2010, he went through several vein surgeries and grafts to restore blood flow – and he quit smoking.
“I still have blood flow, so they don’t have to consider amputation,” Terry said. “On a regular basis, they do tests. They check my blood velocity. They saw a little bit of an abnormality so I’m having an ultrasound. It’s precautionary care. They keep a close eye on things. That’s how they take care of their patients. Sometimes, if you wait until you have symptoms, the problem is more developed and harder to treat.”
At 76, Terry feels his legs are doing well, primarily because of his doctors’ vigilance.
“I seem to be doing quite well despite all this,” Terry said. “It’s due to the efforts of Dr. Martens, Dr. Lightburn and Dr. Sayeed.”