Dr. Leonard Henry leads Goshen Center for Cancer Care with patient-centered, expert care


To say Dr. Leonard Henry is an expert in his field would be something of an understatement. 

Earlier in Dr. Henry’s career, he served in the United States Navy as a resident in general surgery at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. His service was followed by medical school, a surgical residency program and a two-year fellowship training program in surgical oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

On top of his credentials as a board certified, fellowship-trained surgical oncologist, Dr. Henry is also a clinical associate professor at Indiana University Medicine in South Bend and a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society from the University of Michigan Medical School. Recently, Dr. Henry earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis. And, as if this weren’t enough to keep him busy, he now serves as the Medical Director for Goshen Center for Cancer Care.

Highest level of training available

But Dr. Henry is not the only highly trained expert with extensive credentials at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. Far from it. In fact, every physician at the cancer center is fellowship trained.

“Having all our physicians fellowship trained means patients can expect that every one of the physicians working on their case will have the highest level of training available,” says Dr. Henry.

Fellowship training is where subspecialists are made. Each physician at the cancer center has a subspecialty in a certain field within cancer care. In other words, while all the physicians focus on treating cancer, each one has a different focus within that treatment.

“We have a broad spectrum of providers who provide really comprehensive care,” says Dr. Henry. “That’s beneficial to patients because they’re getting absolutely the highest level of expertise for whatever problem they might have.”

Through teamwork, expert care meets comprehensive care

Why does highly specialized care matter, if everyone’s treating the same disease? Because just like every person is different, every cancer is just a little bit different, too. That’s why, at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we’ve embraced a multidisciplinary approach in which physicians, nurses, dieticians, mind-body counselors and naturopathic providers all work together to develop expertly tailored care plans for each patient, and each individual cancer diagnosis. 

“When a patient’s told they have cancer, often they want it out right away,” says Dr. Henry. “We certainly understand that desire. But many patients will benefit from undergoing other treatments before surgery, to increase the effectiveness of eradicating the cancer. Our entire team understands that we need to consider and present all of the possibilities, which is a real benefit of our multidisciplinary approach.”

Of course, when it all boils down, it’s not about the credentials of our team members, the letters behind the names or the plaques on the wall. At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, it’s always about putting our patients first – and it always will be.

“Our cancer center is founded on the idea that the patient is at the center, and that the care revolves around them,” says Dr. Henry. “Every hospital says they treat the patient and not the disease, and I’d like to think that’s true anywhere, but I know that at our cancer center, it’s tangible. It is completely organized that way, and it should be readily felt by the patient.”