Fall Prevention Tips for Aging-Friendly Homes


Safety guide for aging-friendly homes

Checklist to prevent slips, trips and falls

Like many aging adults, Rudy and Erna worry about the risk of losing their balance or falling in their home. Erna knows her eyesight isn't as strong as it used to be, and she moves more slowly in recent years. Rudy relies on a walker to help with balance issues.

Family members turned to Goshen Home Medical and Goshen Home Care for tips on how to create a safe living space for aging loved ones.

11 ways to decrease risk of falling

Keep your walker or cane in reach and use it to provide stability.

Place items within easy reach to avoid using a step stool or bending over.

Move slowly from sitting or lying down to prevent dizziness.

Wear non-slip shoes or other footwear to safely step or walk.

Remove objects, including electrical cords, papers, books, clothing and shoes, to keep walkways and stairways clear.

Secure area rugs or remove them from rooms and walkways.

Use nightlights and keep walkways and stairs well lit.

Install grab bars in the bathroom, particularly near the toilet and shower or tub. Other types of grab bars include couch canes, chair canes and floor-to-ceiling tension poles.

Place non-slip stickers or mats in the bathtub or shower and add a water-safe chair in the shower.

Keep a phone or life-line device within reach in case of emergency. 

Prepare for power outages by installing battery-operated lights in common living areas inside the home and keeping a charged cell phone handy.

The facts about falls

We all can slip, trip or fall over obstacles and clutter in our path. The risk increases for older adults or those with medical conditions, such as arthritis, cataracts or joint replacement.

Falls are the fifth leading cause of injury and death for people over the age of 60. It's the top reason aging adults enter long-term care facilities.

Talk to your doctor about your risk for falling. If you take medication, discuss possible side effects, including dizziness. Use our find a doctor tool to search for the right doctor for you and your family.

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