Tony Keck takes courageous steps toward a healthier life


Tony Keck’s life changed on June 6, 2017. That was the day Tony, who has diabetes, noticed a wet spot on his sock. After some flesh came off in his sock, he made an emergency appointment with his family doctor. His doctor said he had a diabetic foot ulcer and sent him directly to Goshen Wound Center. Diabetic foot wounds require specialized care since they can go from minor to limb-threatening in just a matter of days.

At Goshen Wound Center, Tony was diagnosed with Charcot foot and learned the infection went to the bone. After undergoing surgery to remove the infected area, his care team including Dr. Sean Henning suggested hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). HBOT promotes healing in diabetic wounds of the lower extremities as well as other conditions. 

Comprehensive care from head to toe

HBOT treatments take place in a pressurized chamber where patients breathe in pure oxygen that’s three times higher than normal air pressure. This helps the lungs bring more oxygen into the bloodstream to promote healing. 

Tony, who can feel claustrophobic, was nervous before starting HBOT treatment, but he was determined to fight hard and not let the possibility of losing his foot become a reality. “I have friends and family members who faced similar diagnoses in the past few years, and saw firsthand how amputation can completely change things,” he said. 

“The care team explained everything to me. They helped ease my fears before each HBOT session so I could relax and stay committed to my treatment,” Tony said. He received daily HBOT treatments for three months to heal his right foot. As he recovers, the Wound Center staff have continued to monitor him for any new ulcers so treatment can begin immediately if needed. 

A new lease on life

While he hasn’t been a fan of change in the past, Tony’s wound and treatment experience was a wake-up call to improve his health so he can continue to enjoy activities with his family and friends.

“Everyone I’ve interacted with or had treatment from has been so compassionate and professional. I feel like I’m part of the family here,” Tony said. “I highly encourage others to seek treatment right away if they experience trouble with a wound. The diabetes and health education they provide has been so valuable.”

Tony is taking the advice of his providers to heart and making positive changes. He’s no longer on his feet all day at his job. As a first-time gym member, Tony’s ready to focus on a new, healthier lifestyle. He enjoys working out in a gym as he has learned exercise is important to help control his weight and diabetes going forward. 

“He’s an inspiration to us,” said Dr. Henning. “He took his diagnosis and treatment seriously and showed us that he wasn’t going to give up.”

Goshen Wound Center earns award for meeting care standards

Healogics, certified in wound care by The Joint Commission, recognized Goshen Wound Center by awarding them the Center of Distinction Award for achieving outstanding clinical outcomes. These include patient satisfaction rates of higher than 92 percent and wound healing rates of at least 91 percent in less than 31 median days. 

Goshen Wound Center, offers life-changing treatment to those who have chronic wounds by applying a multidisciplinary approach with specially trained providers, advanced therapies, individual treatment plans and compassionate care.