Having fun running for wellness


In March of 2017, Amber often didn’t feel good, she had started having headaches and her blood pressure was elevated. Her doctor thought she would feel better if she lost some weight. She began her journey to better health by starting fitness classes a few nights a week where she built relationships with others and was having fun. 

“I also needed to change my eating habits. I started eating more fresh foods and watching my portion control,” said Amber. “I still ate sweets and on occasion ate out, but in moderation. The weight was flying off and I was feeling much better!”

Running has always been a horrible thought for Amber.

“In middle school gym class I would physically make myself sick thinking about running a mile. And I hated when we had to run for volleyball practices in high school,” she said.

Amber decided to give it another try. Unplanned, a friend was at the gym and had hopped on the treadmill next to her and they chatted while Amber began to run. When her friend left, she looked down and realized she had just run two miles! That was the longest distance she had ever run. At that point, she began to enjoy running.

Running a 5K became her goal. With practice, her confidence built. She decided to sign up for her first 5K in June of 2018, running the Green Day Frolic at a Goshen First Friday event. Coming in second in her age group, Amber set a new goal. She wanted to run at least one race every month for a year.

In May of 2019, she completed her 12th race by running the 13.1 mile Indy Mini Marathon. The woman who hated running, had just run 13.1 miles!

“Now I am always looking for races to do. When the Inflatable 5K came across Facebook, I clicked and was immediately excited,” said Amber. “I chose to sign up for this race because it combined two of my favorite things: running and fun. I even encouraged 20 of my colleagues at Model Elementary School to sign up with me. I can’t wait to laugh and have fun with my work family while getting healthy.”

To date, Amber has lost 58 pounds!

We invite you to join Amber at The Great Inflatable Race. It’s free and fun for the whole family. Register at TheGreatInflatableRace/Goshen.com to secure your start time. We are also offering an online training program to help you get ready – visit our Facebook event page for workout and training plans.