Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes internal healing


Eric Berger thought his bowel dysfunction would clear up on its own. Instead, it got worse. Rectal pain, burning, bleeding, urinary frequency escalated to an almost unbearable level.

“It hurt so much, I couldn’t stand it,” said Eric, 67. “I couldn’t sit down, couldn’t stand still, couldn’t get away from the pain.”

Eric and his wife, Janis Berger,enjoying their grandchildren
Eric and his wife, Janis Berger,
enjoying their grandchildren.

Eric was reluctant to consider surgery but thought it was his only option to stop the bleeding. To his surprise, Mark R. Ranzinger, MD, Medical Director of Goshen Wound Center, recommended hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

During HBOT, a patient breathes pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber to bring more oxygen into the bloodstream. The highly concentrated oxygen speeds up the body’s natural healing process.

“I could tell a difference after just the first two or three treatments,” Eric said.

With each week, Eric noticed improvement. After 5 months, he was pain free. Now he is back to what he enjoys most – tending to his livestock and crops, playing with his grandchildren and enjoying a walk with his family.

“I owe my life to them. You couldn’t ask for a better place than Goshen Wound Center,” Eric said. “They treat you like family."

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