Wondering If You’re Seeing Double?


You may be seeing triple – or triplets

If you have seen a few Colleagues who look alike, you may have encountered one of our identical triplets – Nadia Taylor, Natasha Weimer or Natalie Weimer. Their older sister Shawna Keene, RN on 4E, was the first of the family to work at Goshen Health.

“I came to Goshen Health in 2001 and worked here for five years. I left to try new things, but I looked forward to the opportunity to come back. That opportunity came in October 2016,” Shawna said. “I enjoy taking care of patients and want them to be happy. I strongly encouraged my sisters to come here because of the great work environment. I knew they would learn so much. I love working here for many reasons – I like the people I work with and I feel appreciated by my supervisors.”

Nadia and Natasha started working at Goshen Health at the same time. Both work the night shift: Nadia as a USNA on 4E and Natasha as a USNA on 4W.

“I worked with my sisters in a long-term care facility before coming here,” said Nadia. “I love the staff here! The teamwork to make sure our patients are comfortable and satisfied is incredible! It is so much fun to work where my sisters work. We are a really close family, so we have a blast working at the same place. We all share our love for caring and helping other people.”

Natasha adds, “I came here because I wanted a fresh view on things. I learn new things every day and get more confident my role is as a CNA. I want to make sure patients get the best care while they are admitted.”

Natalie had worked with her sisters in long-term care as a laundry aide while studying accounting. When she couldn’t find a position in accounting, she began taking courses to become a lab tech.

“My first love was science and health care,” she said. “I’m working in housekeeping, but hoping
to move into a lab tech position in the future.”

The triplets were born here at Goshen Hospital. Shawna and their other five siblings were born at home.

Story photo taken at Nadia’s baby shower. From left to right: Shawna Keene, Natalie Weimer, Natasha Weimer and Nadia Taylor.