Working at the forefront of cancer treatment: Dr. Ashley Hardy


At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we believe that every patient deserves the best care available to ensure they live their fullest life during and after treatment. Dr. Ashley Hardy, surgical oncologist, puts that belief into action every day.

Board certified and fellowship trained in complex general surgical oncology, Dr. Hardy has spent years preparing herself to manage melanoma, sarcoma and colorectal cancer cases. She also trained in minimally invasive techniques including both laparoscopic and robotic surgery. This approach can be beneficial to some patients as it offers smaller incisions, less pain and a faster recovery for those who meet the criteria. All of this is done without compromising their overall outcome.

In addition to extensive surgical training, Dr. Hardy is devoted to working at the forefront of cancer treatment. She dedicated time to cancer research at Northwestern University and continues to devote time to oncology-related research today. At the end of the day, all of this hard work is for her patients.

Training in action

Dr. Hardy’s expertise and highly effective care is often seen when patients come for a second opinion in their cancer treatment.

In one instance, a colorectal cancer patient sought a second opinion at Goshen Center for Cancer Care because he was informed he might require a permanent colostomy. After deliberating with the oncology team, Dr. Hardy recommended neoadjuvant chemoradiation, a local radiation therapy for advanced rectal cancer.

“We worked to downstage the tumor and prevented the patient from needing a permanent colostomy after surgery,” said Dr. Hardy.

This is one example in which Dr. Hardy and the rest of the oncology team have collaborated to improve a patient’s quality of life against the odds.

Advanced non-traditional care

A transplant to the Midwest, Dr. Hardy was surprised to find that, even at a smaller center, she can provide patients with the same high-quality innovation they would receive at a larger center in a larger city.

Beyond that, she was impressed with the emphasis on non-traditional care techniques. At Goshen, Dr. Hardy can provide cancer patients the best treatment available and help improve their quality of life. To help combat side effects, a variety of naturopathic options including acupuncture, reiki and supplements may be recommended. The Integrative Care Team of naturopathic providers, mind-body counselors and oncology dietitians are available to all cancer center patients.

“Certainly when patients are given a diagnosis of cancer, they feel a sense of loss and that they have no control over their diagnoses,” said Dr. Hardy. “But by incorporating non-traditional techniques, patients have an opportunity to feel like they are an active participant in their cancer care. That's something that not all cancer centers offer patients – even the more well-known, larger centers.”

Going above and beyond

With the support of a collaborative team and backed by years of training, Dr. Hardy serves her patients and gives back as well. She devotes much of her free time to mentoring students.

“Students are the future of medicine and it is important that they are well-educated and well-prepared,” said Dr. Hardy. “That way, they can continue to provide patients with the same quality of care, or even better, in the future.”

Dr. Hardy goes above and beyond to care for her patients and advance the field of medicine. For that reason, Dr. Hardy feels that she’s living her life’s purpose.

“A good day for me is walking out of the hospital and feeling as though I provided patients with the best care possible, whether or not that's in the operating room or through my interaction with them in the clinic. That's when I know that I've met my purpose.”

For more information about Goshen Center for Cancer Care, visit the Cancer Care section of our website or call (888) 492-4673.