Goshen Home Care


Home care delivers nursing and therapy in familiar surroundings

Rudy and Erna knew they needed help to manage Rudy's medical condition. His spinal stenosis left him with constant pain in his spine and neck. He also had balance issues and memory impairment that made it hard for the couple to leave home for medical services and appointments. 

Home care offered them an option to receive care in the comfort of their own home. They chose Goshen Home Care, since their doctors were part of Goshen Physicians. A team of therapists and nurses assessed Rudy's needs and set up a care plan tailored specifically for him.

"The therapists and nurses have been understanding," said Rudy. "They have been trying to help me have less pain."

Care tailored to individual needs

Rudy was particularly pleased with Jeff, RN, who came into the home every week to monitor Rudy's health. Jeff took time to understand Rudy's needs for medical care and teach Rudy how to manage his condition.

“It’s all about love, respect and meeting patients where they are in their journey,” said Jeff.

Jeff also stepped in to help Erna, who was overwhelmed at the thought of so many healthcare providers coming into her home every week. He coordinated visits through a family member and worked out a schedule that eased Erna's stress.

"Even though the therapists and nurses were here to take care of Rudy, they understood everything I had to deal with as a caregiver," said Erna. "They felt like family."

It didn't take long for Erna to start looking forward to Home Care visits. She even made baked cookies or zucchini bread for them.

Providing education, monitoring, support in the home

Home care therapists and nurses are specially trained to help patients like Rudy and Erna recover from illness, care for an injury or understand how to manage a new diagnosis.

"Our home care team walks beside the patient to provide the additional support they need to be successful on their health journey," said Jennifer Weldy, Community Nurse Liaison.

Home care teams typically include nurses and home health aides as well as physical, occupational and speech therapists. Services range from medication management and patient education to telehealth services, wound care and personal hygiene care.

We’re here to help

Goshen Health has many care services to help you and your family during life’s transitions. Goshen Home Care provides adult patients with healthcare services in the home, including nursing, social services, therapy and aide services. To learn more, visit Goshen Home Care or call (574) 364-2700.