How the Goshen Health Foundation gives back to you


Most hospitals have foundations. Historically, a foundation may have been put in place to raise funds to build a hospital or healthcare facility. Once a building was completed, the purpose of the foundation evolved to meet other needs of the hospital – needs often requested by the community. That’s how your hospital’s foundation has evolved to better serve you, your family and your neighborhoods.

How the Goshen Health Foundation gives back to you
The Goshen Health Foundation may help pay for services offered by the hospital (or services offered by other local nonprofits), the latest technology, building enhancements or additions, continuing education of medical staff or educational materials.

At Goshen Health, the Goshen Health Foundation has provided funding for the following Goshen Health priorities:

  • Telehealth units and blood pressure cuffs to help patients monitor their health at home
  • The expansion of Maple City Health Care Center 
  • The new NeuroCare Center
  • Education and training equipment for emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
  • A booklet to help encourage and educate people on the importance of advance directives

And, these are just a handful. What the foundation supports comes back to the mission of Goshen Health. That means that improving the health of the communities we serve will always play a major role in assigning funding from our foundation. 

Where the Goshen Health Foundation’s resources come from
The majority of funds given to a hospital’s foundation are received from patients or their families who were grateful. They may have formed close relationships with their medical staff or caregivers in the course of being treated. They may want to give a gift to say thank you to a specific individual or to the team who provided them with compassionate care. Or, they may want to help make the journey a little easier for the next patient with their diagnosis.

At Goshen Health Foundation, the majority of gifts received are one-time gifts, given by a grieving family. “Giving can be a part of the healing process,” said Mark Lindemood, Chief Philanthropy Officer of Goshen Health Foundation. “When people are traumatized, experience loneliness, isolation or death, giving is a response that can provide an outlet for their grief, creating a healthier experience for them. It’s not a response for everybody but it helps healing.”

Sometimes donors have very specific requests for how their gift is used. Foundations are required to honor donor wishes, but more than that, Mark said, “We are pleased to fulfill these requests because the donor is giving out of a strong sense of connection to that need. We are often moved by their personal convictions and their desire to help others.”

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