Dr. Blair MacPhail discussed heart health at recent Thrive! Series


Every month, Goshen Health connects community members with health care providers to discuss topical health issues in a lecture series called “Thrive!” at Greencroft Community Center in Goshen. 

At the most recent Thrive! Event, Blair MacPhail, MD, an interventional cardiologist on the Goshen Heart & Vascular Center team, spoke to a full room of 36 people about the behaviors that make a difference to the prevention and restoration of heart and vascular health.

The behaviors that make the most difference are as follows, said Dr. MacPhail.

  • Exercising 150 minutes a week
  • Eating healthy foods
    • Fill 2/3 of your plate with fruit and vegetables, and 1/3 with protein
  • Quitting smoking
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Knowing your numbers including cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar

Dr. MacPhail told the story of one of his patients who, after a heart attack, changed her life dramatically. She went on a strict diet and slowly began to exercise. Each time he saw her, over time, she got stronger and stronger. 

"Seeing the impact of diet and exercise on a patient's recovery is remarkable," he said.

To find out more about your heart and vascular health, talk to your primary care provider about your numbers and what you can do to feel better, have more energy and protect your heart. Visit our website to learn more about Goshen Heart & Vascular Center.