Aging-friendly home safety


Tips to create safe kitchen and living areas

Rudy and Erna faced several health challenges when they moved into a smaller, one-level home near their daughter. Erna has poor eyesight, arthritis in her hands, slow reflexes and mild memory impairment. Rudy suffers from hearing loss, balance issues, memory impairment and spinal stenosis. He always uses a walker for stabilization.

Diane Ringler, Cardiac Device Specialist
Rudy and Erna at their home.

A close look at their physical and mental abilities as well as everyday functions helped family members create aging-friendly living spaces. We asked our experts at Goshen Home Medical and Goshen Home Care for ways to make a difference in quality of life at home for people like Rudy and Erna.

10 home safety tips for kitchen and living areas

Keep items in easy reach without bending over or using a step stool. That includes refrigerated foods and pantry staples. Reachers or grabber tools make it easier to retrieve items on high shelves or floors.

Use nonbreakable dinnerware – dishes, drinking glasses, serving pieces – that is lighter and easier to manage.

Try adaptive utensils designed to help people with arthritis, tremors or other neurological disabilities feed themselves.

Switch to single-handle faucets to make turning water on and off easy without a grip or twisting motion.

Label perishable foods with “throw away dates” clearly marked on the package.

Invest in a lift chair that easily moves positions from seated or reclined to standing.

Move portable tables right up to a recliner, sofa or bed to make dining, reading or working easier.

Get a large-display digital clock that is easy to read and easy to use.

Try a couch cane that makes getting in or out of a couch or chair easier.

Use a lever extender to easily raise or lower the leg rest on a recliner.

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