Chronic wound care with PAD


Quick steps heal a wound and save a limb

The scar on Angela Flora’s little toe tells a big story about her life with peripheral artery disease (PAD) and chronic wounds. It’s a scar left from a cut that wouldn’t heal and almost cost her the toe. Instead, a team of specialists saved Angela’s toe and set her on a path to control her PAD.

“I had a cast on my foot that started to irritate my toe,” explained Angela. “But I didn’t feel anything because of my peripheral neuropathy.” That’s when her podiatrist referred Angela to Goshen Wound Center.

Chronic wounds like Angela’s need regular cleaning and dressings to promote proper healing. Poor blood circulation caused by PAD, as well as diabetes, can slow the healing process.

Even with weekly appointments and home instructions, Lisa Cole, a registered nurse, wanted to monitor Angela’s progress more closely. Lisa sent Angela home with her personal cell phone number and strict instructions. If anything changed, Lisa wanted Angela to send a text message with a picture of her foot.

“It made a big difference that everyone at Goshen Wound Center was so concerned about my well-being,” said Angela.

During a weekly appointment, Lisa noticed changes in Angela’s foot. The color and temperature had changed. Her leg was numb and weak. Angela was shaky and cold. All signs led to one conclusion – Angela’s PAD was getting worse.

“I thought they were going to amputate my toe,” said Angela. Instead, she underwent an angioplasty, a minimally invasive procedure that helps clear blocked arteries, by Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Abdul Basit at Goshen Heart & Vascular Center.

Within a week after the procedure, Angela’s wound started to heal, and she was walking without pain.

“Before, I couldn’t walk from the car into a store without my leg hurting,” she said. Now she walks through her neighborhood, rides her bicycle to the post office, and even does some yard work.

Angela also has changed age-old habits to control her diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. She follows a heart-healthy diet and wears nicotine patches to curb her pack-a-day smoking habit.

The experience has been life changing for Angela. “I’m proud to show my feet for the first time in years,” she said.

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Goshen Wound Center has earned the Center of Distinction Award from Healogics, Inc., the largest provider of advanced wound care services. The award recognizes achievements for outstanding patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

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