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Check up on your child's vaccinations

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With all the important conversations about vaccination schedules lately, one group in your family may be left out. School-age children need vaccinations to keep them safe and healthy. 

This year, it's as essential as ever to get your child vaccinated. The earlier you get your child caught up with recommended shots, the better protected kids will be when the fall school schedule begins. 

Here are ways to put a game plan into action to make sure your child is ready for the first day of school. 

Schedule a check-up with your pediatrician or family doctor. Your healthcare provider knows what vaccinations your child needs. During a routine visit, your provider also looks for signs that your child's growth and development are on track. It's the best way to detect conditions that may affect learning abilities or cause problems later in life. 

Fill out the paperwork that most public schools need to confirm your child is fully protected. State-specific exemption forms also are available from your provider. 

Check the calendar to make sure your child meets all the timelines for vaccination protection. The CDC recommends children age 12 and older who get the COVID-19 vaccine have a wait period before, during and after the two-dose shots. That may mean an eight-week blackout period when your child cannot get other recommended vaccines. 

Reference the CDC immunization schedule to make sure your school-age child is protected and ready for a safe return to school.

Safety first, always

Healthcare providers everywhere take extra precautions to make sure you are well-protected from germs, whether you are in the waiting room or the exam room. Medical facilities follow CDC guidelines to keep everyone – from patients to the medical team – safe. 

Contact your provider's office to find out what to expect before, during and after your next visit. 

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