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How Ethos Therapy redefines personalized cancer care

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When it comes to radiation therapy, time plays a big role in a patient's overall experience. Another important factor – the way each body naturally changes in subtle or significant ways over weeks or months of treatment.
That's why adaptive intelligence built into Ethos radiation therapy makes a dramatic difference in treatment for patients today. It eliminates time-consuming manual adjustments to a treatment plan that can delay radiation therapy by days.
Ethos resets a plan within minutes to match changes in the individual patient's anatomy and complete treatment on schedule.

Real-time adjustments direct radiation precisely every time

A patient on external beam radiation therapy typically has 30 or more daily treatments over several weeks or months. During that time, the normal anatomy in the treatment area can change. The tumor itself also can transform. Those changes can impact the radiation plan in a number of ways.
No other radiation delivery system can replan treatment in real time like Ethos. The machine uses artificial intelligence to adjust the treatment plan while the patient is still on the treatment bed. Real-time replanning means patient treatment stays on schedule and radiation goes precisely to the tumor site, while protecting normal tissue in the same area.
During each session, the Ethos machine uses its sophisticated intelligence to read detailed images and identify the tumor shape, size and location. It also factors in the patient's age, health status and natural movement of organs and tissue in the treatment area. Its precision, accuracy and speed mean patients receive targeted radiation tailored to their specific anatomy each day of treatment.

Comfort and convenience improve patient experiences

Ethos therapy also eases patient apprehension about radiation treatments, particularly when new technologies are used. The Ethos machine is exceptionally quiet, compared with other radiation machines. It delivers treatment rapidly, which also lessens the potential for patient anxiety.
Greater patient comfort separates the Ethos machine from conventional radiation systems. Its open design gives patients more room on the treatment bed and reduces any sense of claustrophobia.

A look forward with adaptive intelligence

Goshen Center for Cancer Care introduced Ethos therapy to patients and the community in 2020. At that time, only one other cancer treatment center in the country had acquired the adaptive intelligence of Ethos therapy.
The advanced technology is well suited for treatment of tumors in the pelvic area and lower abdomen, including prostate cancer, rectal cancer and gynecologic malignancies, such as cervical and uterine cancers.
Patients with head and neck cancers or certain sarcomas in the extremities respond well to Ethos therapy. It's even used to treat patients with brain cancers.
The capacity of artificial intelligence continues to evolve. That gives radiation oncologists at the cancer center hope that Ethos therapy will offer treatment options for patients with lung or esophageal cancers, as well as breast cancer or other cancers in the chest.


Dr. Houman Vaghefi is a board certified radiation oncologist at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. He is an advocate for advanced internal and external therapies to deliver targeted radiation for patients with cancer in ways that reduce negative side effects and improve outcomes.

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