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Reboot your exercise routine

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Feeling frustrated that you can't follow your usual exercise schedule? Without gym equipment or fitness instructor to keep you on track, it's tough to stay motivated.
It's normal to get out of sync with your routine, particularly when you weren't expecting a pandemic. Take a deep breath and know you can get back on track.
Here are some tips to help you reboot your exercise routine without leaving the house.
Try a new activity. Give yoga a try. Or step out for a walk/run around the neighborhood. This is a good time get moving in a different direction.
Increase your NEAT. That's your non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It's the energy you use for everyday activities other than sleeping, breathing and eating. You can boost your calorie burn by taking a walk, climbing stairs an extra time or two, doing yard work, even fidgeting!
Track your action. You don't need to buy an expensive device to keep up with your pace. Plenty of phone apps keep a log of your activities, calories you eat and other health-minded nuggets. Try free apps like MyFitnessPal. Download a step counter app that links to your phone. Or try a gadget-free method: Stay standing or moving for 10 to 20 minutes each hour during the day. You may be surprised at the results!
Check out a good video. The internet is full of workout programs you can do at home. Whether you prefer high intensity or low impact, a quick search on YouTube gives you plenty of choices – all free to view. If interested, you can check out my channel AeroDrumz for ideas on how to make exercise fun.
Raid the pantry or cabinet. Not for junk food or snacks hidden in the back. Reach for canned goods, water bottles, laundry detergent containers, towels or other household items you can use as workout equipment.
Block out a schedule. Plan out your week of activity on a calendar, daily planner or white board. If you're just getting back into a routine, pick three days a week to go for a walk, try a workout video or boost your step count. Work from home now? Add 10-minute bursts of exercise throughout the day to wake up your brain and keep
you focused.
Set a goal. It's the best way to measure progress. Just make sure to keep it realistic and appropriate for your current environment.

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