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Returning to active life after revision total knee replacement

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Pat Rice thought she was on the right path to recover from a total knee replacement in November 2020. She wanted nothing more than to be out of pain and back to her regular routine.
Her right knee joint had worn out after years of working on the factory floor at RV manufacturers and waiting tables at local restaurants. A partial knee replacement 10 years earlier helped for a while until arthritis and bone-on-bone pain settled in again.
Pat decided to have a total knee replacement. The replacement surgery went well. But soon after she finished a rehabilitation program close to her home at Goshen Rehabilitation, the familiar instability and discomfort returned.
“My doctor sent me back to Goshen for more rehabilitation and physical therapy,” Pat, age 68, said.
Nothing seemed to help. All the tests and measurements showed her muscles surrounding the implant were in tone. However, her joint remained unstable, and she eventually had to wear a brace for support.
As the crippling pain continued, Pat had to quit her job and move in with a relative. Her right leg bowed out as she compensated for the instability and constant pain. She used a cane to move around.
Pat’s physical therapist at Goshen Rehabilitation asked the doctors at Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine to offer a second opinion on Pat’s stalled recovery. Evaluations and X-rays showed Pat’s implant was not working properly.

The solution – another surgery called a revision total knee replacement. 
Pat knows she made the right decision to go through a third surgery. After another round of physical therapy at Goshen Rehabilitation, she no longer relies on a cane to support her as she walks. She lives on her own again and even started a new job six months after surgery!
“I feel like a brand new person,” Pat said. “I can start my life over again.”
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