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As northern Indiana’s first comprehensive cancer center, we offer world-class expertise and highly personalized care. At Goshen, you’ll find doctors with the highest level of specialty training and one of the largest teams of surgeons in the state. Most importantly, we get to know the person behind each treatment plan—and we let that guide every decision we make. Because at Goshen, we do more than treat cancer. We treat you.
Our approach brings together an entire team of highly trained cancer specialists—including physicians, surgeons, pathologists and radiologists, along with a dedicated support staff—all under one roof. We also have integrative care professionals that include naturopathic doctors, dietitians and mind-body counselors. Together, this comprehensive team builds a treatment plan unique to you—one that takes your needs, values and quality of life into account, empowering you when you need it most.
In addition to cancer treatment, we also offer a full range of cancer screenings. Routine screenings can help detect cancers early, when treatment is likely to be most effective. Visit GoshenScreenings.com to learn more about the cancer screenings we provide.

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We are so thankful for our patients who share their journeys through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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We treat a wide range of cancers, including complex and uncommon forms of the disease.


At Goshen, we combine traditional and supportive treatments to help you live longer – and live as fully as possible.

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Goshen Center for Cancer Care, advanced, word-class cancer treatment.

We have a dedicated team of oncologists and cancer care specialists committed to delivering the best possible care you’ll find anywhere. From initial diagnosis to recovery and beyond – we’re all in this together.


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Information is powerful – especially when it relates to your health and your health care. That's why we equip you with the insights and tools to quickly become a patient, get a second opinion, find a place to stay during treatment and more. If you have a question not answered within these resources, please give us a call at (888) 492-HOPE.

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We make getting the care you need as easy as possible. You can make your own appointment with our oncology team without a physician referral. Simply fill out our self-referral form or give us a call.

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