Living vibrantly means living well!

We know all about living vibrantly. It's about getting well and staying that way by scheduling those screenings you may have been putting off. Or prioritizing your annual mammogram. It is taking time out to play with your kids in the backyard or visiting with friends and family that rejuvenate you. Living vibrantly is about not being limited by pain or injury.

How do you get there? By letting us help. Tap into our comprehensive programs and services that are all about getting you well and keeping you that way. Find fun ways to stay active, learn about healthy eating for you and your kids and don’t wait any longer to see your provider. Whether it is an annual check-up or something is worrying you, we are here for you. And if you are looking for a new doctor, we can help with that too! We have providers all across our system welcoming new patients.

Community Engagement at Goshen Health

Using data-driven, evidence-based practices, Community Engagement works collaboratively with community partners to lead the creation and implementation of innovative programs that impact the identified health needs of the community.

A healthy community is a vibrant community. That's why our Community Engagement team is committed to helping people get healthy and stay healthy through:

  • Awareness and education
  • Early detection and prevention
  • Increasing access to care

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Goshen Health News & Articles

  • Meet Heidi Collins - Run the Halls Coordinator


    Imagine hallways filled with students who can’t wait to get moving. That’s what it’s like for more than 300 K-2 youngsters at Lakeland Primary School in LaGrange, Indiana.

  • How healthy kids make better students


    It’s back to school season, and with that comes new possibilities and growth for our kids. Education is critical in shaping a child’s future. While doing homework and studying are essential to getting good grades, a student’s health can also make a big impact on academic achievement.

  • Goshen Health activities at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair


    Animals. Carnival rides. Food stands. These may be some of the words you associate with the Elkhart County 4-H Fair. At Goshen Health, we aim for health to be another word added to that list. 

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