Infection Control

The health and safety of our patients, visitors and Colleagues are top priorities at Goshen Hospital. That's why we follow an integrated, responsive infection control process throughout the hospital. Our process helps reduce risks related to transmission of healthcare-associated infections and infectious diseases.

Our epidemiological approach to infection control includes surveillance, data collection and trend identification related to infectious disease.

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Goshen Health News & Articles

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    Let's face it. Setting and sticking to our health goals can be hard. We turned to our specialists in cardiac rehabilitation for their best advice. After all, their patients – many who may have had or narrowly averted a heart attack – may be more motivated than most of us.

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    Autumn is officially upon us –– and with it, the inevitable cold and flu season. At a recent lecture in our Thrive series, Goshen Health’s Sonam Desai, a Naturopathic Doctor, spoke about both the natural and medical ways we can stave off sickness (and treat it if it occurs) during flu season. 

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