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Treating first-degree burns with care

First-degree burns damage the top layer of skin, or epidermis. Radiant heat, chemical substances and electrical currents are the most common causes of first-degree burns. Typically, these types of burns don’t require medical treatment. However, burns that affect the face, hands, feet, groin or those that cover a large area require emergency care.

Goshen Physicians Family Medicine & Urgent Care offers walk-in treatment for first-degree burns in Goshen, IN, seven days a week. With extended hours on weekdays, our team is here to evaluate burns and provide the care you need. Visit our center for nonemergency and after-hours care or call (574) 535-1700 for an appointment. For severe burns, go to the nearest emergency room for advanced burn treatment.

Symptoms of a first-degree burn

First-degree burns are the least severe type of burn, as they don’t leave scars or affect the normal function of the epidermis, which retains moisture and protects against bacteria.

First-degree burn symptoms include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Mild pain
  • Skin that peels after one or two days

Within three to five days, the symptoms of a first-degree burn should reside.

Preventing and treating first-degree burns

Avoiding first-degree burns begins with taking the necessary precautions, such as wearing sunscreen, being mindful of heat from appliances and fireplaces and setting the maximum heat on water heaters.

You can treat a first-degree burn at home. Try these home remedies to soothe a minor burn:

  • Run cool – not cold – water over the burn.
  • Apply a cool, dampened cloth.
  • Apply aloe vera gel or moisture lotion.

For more advanced burn treatment or to have a medical professional evaluate your burn, visit our urgent care center in Goshen at 2824 Elkhart Rd.

Goshen Physicians Family Medicine & Urgent Care diagnoses and treats first-degree burns in Goshen, IN, for communities in Elkhart County.