Mother & Newborn Care

It’s difficult to describe how special the birth of your child is – full of challenges and joys, waiting and welcoming. The place where you give birth should be just as special. By choosing The Birthplace at Goshen Hospital, you can rest assured that you and your baby will receive comprehensive health care, plus friendly, professional advice and support.

Family-centered care

We know how important the birth of a child is to you, so we devote extra attention to your comfort. The Birthplace is designed around you and your family. That means the whole family can participate – whether you want them to be present during delivery or to visit the newest family member.

We are recognized as a Baby-Friendly birthing facility by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. That means you are surrounded by the kind of health care that's essential for your baby's optimal health.

Goshen Health News & Articles

  • A 90-second heart test could save your life


    Nothing warned Chip Mitros, 45, that his heart was in bad shape. He faithfully exercised five days a week at a gym near his Niles, Michigan, home, had never smoked and felt he was in good health.

  • Speak up for yourself, says one colon cancer survivor


    Amy Rainey knew something wasn't quite right when she couldn't shake nagging discomfort in her abdomen. At first, she thought her perimenopause may cause changes to the way her body digested foods. But when the bleeding showed up in her bowel movements in January 2020, Amy knew she needed medical attention.

  • Not so fast: ‘Wait for Eight’ for baby’s first bath


    Does it matter how soon after birth a newborn is bathed? In fact, yes.

    Goshen Hospital’s Circle of Caring Birthplace holds off on the first bath for least eight hours, and with good reason: The delay results in both high breastfeeding rates and better temperature control for babies at the hospital.

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