Women's Health Care

Nowhere else in our area can you find the comprehensive and innovative health services, comfortable environment and compassionate care for women that you find at Goshen Retreat Women’s Health Center. Our comprehensive continuum of care takes you from health screenings and preventive care to advanced breast care and beyond.

Our approach

Because our Women's Health Center was designed by women for women, we share a keen understanding of your issues and concerns. We treat many different types of conditions, and we offer convenient hours and quick turnaround time on test results. Plus, we place a high priority on providing unparalleled personalized care to every one of our patients. It's our way of working with you to achieve your optimal health.

Our Team

At Goshen Retreat Women's Health Center, our experts understand your concerns and partner with you to help achieve optimum health. It's this type of approach that has led us to be nationally recognized for patient satisfaction scores of 98-99% every year since we opened in 2003.

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We’ve designed our programs and services at Goshen Retreat Women’s Health Center around you and your individual health needs. From risk reduction and early diagnosis, preventive health screenings to massage therapy, you have access to the most advanced technology and treatment options available in our caring and supportive environment.

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