Golden ornate frame with a watercolor painted image of a mammogram.

We're perfecting the art of mammograms.

And now, with next-day appointments, scheduling one is a thing of beauty.

We offer convenient appointment times for mammograms:

Next-day Early morning Late evening
Mammogram appointments typically take about 30 minutes.

A mammogram is a safe and simple X-ray of the breast. During a mammogram, the breast is gently pressed between two plates to flatten and spread the tissue.

Two X-rays are taken of each breast. If a woman has breast implants, typically four X-rays are taken of each breast to assess the breast tissue and implant itself.

Mammograms can identify abnormalities such as very small lumps, areas of calcification or other changes up to two years before they can be felt by a woman or her physician.

Ask about our 3D mammograms, the latest advancement in breast cancer screenings. The greater level of detail offered by 3D mammograms results in better cancer detection, fewer call backs and greater peace of mind.

Health care providers speaking to each other in a polaroid that says

Surgical Oncologists, Laura L. Morris, MD, MBA, FACS and Fiona Denham, MD

At Goshen Health, we have always framed our healthcare canvas with the highest of safety standards.

You can feel confident knowing that our nationally recognized commitment to patient safety and comfort has been complemented with extra precautions to both protect you and put your mind at ease, so you can stay up to date with these critical screenings.

Picture this...

  • 1 in 8 The number of women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • 40 The age at which women with average risk should start getting annual mammograms.
  • 1x/year An annual mammogram is the best way to get a detailed picture of breast health.

Painting a picture of risk.

  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Obesity
  • Not having children
  • High breast density
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Heavy drinking
  • Birth control pills/post-menopausal hormone therapy

Mammograms or BUST!

Mammograms or Bust message on a custom van

Be on the lookout for the Goshen Health Breast Bus in your area as we drive awareness of the importance of regular breast cancer screening.

Mammograms or Bust message on a custom van