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The precision, accuracy and speed of Ethos therapy mean patients receive targeted radiation tailored to their specific needs each day of treatment. Other advantages of Ethos therapy include:

  • Protect healthy tissue from radiation exposure
  • Save time to adapt treatment to daily changes in patient anatomy
  • Reduce side effects
  • Improve overall outcomes

How Ethos Therapy Works

Radiation therapy requires detailed preparation of a treatment plan for each patient. It takes precise calculations to target the tumor and spare healthy tissue that surrounds the tumor site. Changes in a patient's anatomy during the course of treatment can cause significant delays in a patient's treatment plan.

With Ethos therapy, the adaptive system uses artificial intelligence to prepare precise calculations in minutes for oncologists to review. That means Ethos can reset the treatment plan to match changes in the individual patient's anatomy each and every session. Instead of lengthy delays for manual recalculations, the patient remains on the treatment couch and can complete daily treatment on schedule.

Sophisticated intelligence built into Ethos reads detailed images and identifies the tumor shape, size and location. The system also factors in the patient's age, health status and natural movement of organs and tissue in the treatment area. It adapts the delivery of radiation to the patient's specific anatomy each day of treatment. The real-time adjustments direct radiation precisely to the tumor site every time.

Ethos is exceptionally quiet, compared with other radiation machines. It delivers treatment rapidly, which can ease patient apprehension about radiation treatments.

The open design of the Ethos system offers better patient comfort than conventional radiation therapies. It gives patients more room on the treatment bed and reduces any sense of claustrophobia.


Cancers We Treat With Ethos Therapy

At the Center for Cancer Care, we use Ethos therapy to treat tumors in the pelvic area and lower abdomen, including prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and gynecologic malignancies, such as cervical and uterine cancers.

Patients with head and neck cancers or certain sarcomas in the extremities respond well to Ethos therapy. It's even used to treat patients with brain cancers.

Our radiation oncologists are carefully reviewing the science of using the artificial intelligence of Ethos to treat patients with lung or esophageal cancers, as well as breast cancer or other cancers in the chest.

Ethos therapy is not appropriate for every patient. That's why our multidisciplinary oncology team carefully reviews each case to determine the right treatment approach for each patient.

Other external beam radiation therapies we offer include intensity-modulated radiation therapy, tomotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery that precisely target the radiation beam on the tumor site.

Advanced Radiation Treatment at Goshen Center for Cancer Care

Whether you have just been diagnosed with cancer or are looking for a second opinion about treatment options, we can help. Goshen Center for Cancer Care was the second cancer treatment center in the country to offer the adaptive intelligence of Ethos therapy to patients.

Our oncology specialists listen first to understand your concerns and needs. Then we work together to build a treatment plan specifically for you, which may include advanced radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery. Rest assured that we include you in every decision, from navigating the best treatment for your type of cancer to services that help heal you completely.

Our oncology information specialists answer questions and guide you through your next steps. They make sure you see the right oncology experts at the right time, based on your cancer.

Call (888) 492-4673 to talk with our oncology information specialists.

Dr. Delneky's Story

When Dr. Peter Delneky was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he traveled from his home in Florida to receive Ethos Therapy treatment and the kind of care he knew he could only find at Goshen.

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