Cancer care for one family greatly impacts future care for others

Rex Martin, Alice Martin, Ashley Martin, Alexis Martin Klose, Shawn Klose (LtoR)The Martin family broke ground in November 2017 for the Alice A. and Rex Martin Infusion Center at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. The gift from the Rex & Alice A. Martin Foundation is designed to support expansion of the treatment facility and give patients greater privacy during their infusion sessions. (From left) Rex Martin, Alice Martin, Ashley Martin, Alexis Martin Klose, Shawn Klose

Alice Martin’s cancer journey began miles away from home at a large, well-known hospital. After two weeks of diagnostic tests, doctors told Alice to return home.

That’s when Alice gave Goshen Center for Cancer Care a call. She wanted a second opinion – and a reason to hope.

Alice met for two hours with Roderich Schwarz, MD, medical director and a board certified surgical oncologist at the Cancer Center. In his opinion, he could treat Alice’s pancreatic cancer with a multidisciplinary approach that included surgery and highly targeted chemotherapy.

“When I heard that, the sunshine came out,” Alice said. “I thought ‘now there’s hope.’”

Alice encourages everyone with a cancer diagnosis to get a second opinion.

“For me, a second opinion meant the difference between death and life,” she said.

Heartfelt gift benefits patients and families

Gratitude for a second chance at life inspired Alice and her husband, Rex, to give a generous gift to build the Alice A. and Rex Martin Infusion Center on the main campus of the Cancer Center.

“Support for the Infusion Center comes from our hearts,” Alice said. The personal expression of gratitude also represents a deep desire by our family to strengthen the ability of Goshen Center for Cancer Care to continue to treat others on their cancer journey.

“We are very grateful for their generous gift,” Dr. Schwarz said. “Such generosity allows us to continue the compassionate care our team provides every patient we serve.”

The infusion wing places the comfort of patients first. It is designed with large, private bays with plenty of room for friends and family to lend patients support during chemotherapy sessions. The modern design also features wide pathways for healthcare professionals to maneuver the latest infusion technology into place for patient treatment.

Such an investment from this particular family means more families can find hope and healing at Goshen Center for Cancer Care.