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Bereavement Services at Goshen Hospice

Support during times of grief 

After a loved one’s death, your life may be filled with many emotions, confusion and trying times for families. That’s why we offer hospice bereavement services to support you as well as family members, caregivers and friends, as you grieve.

Our bereavement services

  • Inspirational mailings give a gentle reminder that you are not alone. These mailings offer help and hope as you cope with your grief experience.
  • Phone contacts and visits offer conversation and support for one year after a loved one’s death. Usually, we contact you on a quarterly basis. You can tailor the schedule for calls to fit your family’s needs.
  • Invitation to the Hospice Memorial Service gives hospice caregivers a way to remember your loved one and provide support for you and your family.
  • Bereavement Support Groups offer support and companionship during six-week sessions. Support groups are scheduled to begin in March, June and September each year. An additional support group meets during the holiday season. Bereavement mailings include information about meeting times and location for these groups.
  • Grief Through the Holidays mailing offers information and tips on getting through the holidays.

This no charge for Goshen Hospice bereavement services. Support groups are open to the community whether or not a loved one received Goshen Hospice services.

Comfort. Care. Compassion.

Contact our hospice care team to find out more about bereavement services from Goshen Home Care & Hospice, (574) 364-2700 or (800) 446-4663.