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COVID-19 resources for employers

The best source for information is the CDC, which includes a section specifically for employers. There you’ll find out what to do if you have suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, how to reduce the spread of the virus in your workplace, maintaining a healthy work environment and much more. There is also a great list for FAQs for employers.

The Indiana State Department of Health also has relevant and updated information on COVID-19 that relates to employers. Its fact sheet covers topics of interest such as:

  • When can I be released from isolation and go back to work? Answer is at least three days after recovery, which is defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement in respiratory symptoms (cough and shortness of breath) and at least ten days have passed since symptoms first appeared.
  • What is the normal course of the illness?
  • How is the state ensuring that COVID-19 individuals are observing the quarantine?

We understand many employers are concerned their employees may be contracting COVID-19 in the community, rather than in the workplace. Goshen Health’s Business Health Advantage has put together a series of educational materials to help employers promote better safety precautions to their employees.

 Elkhart County COVID-19 testing and testing sites
For Goshen Health, most test results are coming back within several days to more than a week, but this varies depending on how much volume the labs are experiencing.
Rapid test results: According to the Elkhart County Health Department, the ISDH pop-up clinics are one option for more rapid test results. These clinics travel around to where need is greatest. To find out where the closest clinic is on a given day, check out However, rapid testing continues to be limited, given that the number of test cartridges continues to be limited.
Note that the health department does not recommend testing of asymptomatic people. If there is known exposure to someone who was confirmed with positive COVID-19 test results, they recommend the exposed person complete the recommended quarantine. The incubation period is 14 days, meaning that a person could be negative early in that time frame, and then convert to positive later in the 14 days.

What Goshen Health is seeing

Generally, as of late June, patients who tested positive for COVID-19 who needed hospitalization were being admitted about six days after their tests. This is indicative of how the virus can progress. Additionally, once admitted, the average length of stay was 5.4 days. This information may affect how employers plan for staffing needs if an employee tests positive.

Additional resources