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Integrative emergency room care for blood clots

Blood clots consist of masses of blood cells and other clotting components. They can be helpful, such as when they help stop blood flow from a wound. However, blood clots become dangerous when they form inside blood vessels.

To prevent serious and sometimes life-threatening complications, Goshen Hospital Emergency Department provides leading-edge care for blood clots in Goshen, IN, for communities in Elkhart County. Whether the blood clot is in the arm, leg, lung or brain, our skilled emergency room Colleagues can help. Visit our ER on High Park Avenue for expert acute care.

Blood clot symptoms

Blood clots affect different areas of the body, so symptoms depend on where the clot is located. These common symptoms of blood clots are according to the affected area:

These symptoms signal a medical emergency, and we can provide the intervention you need if you have a blood clot.

Treating blood clots with expertise at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department

When we receive a patient with symptoms of a blood clot, we work hard to reach an accurate diagnosis and provide personalized blood clot treatment. Blood clots in the vein may resolve with blood thinners, while arterial blood clots typically require advanced treatment. Our ER is equipped with the latest tools to dissolve blood clots, including catheter-based procedures to break down clots and emergency surgery to install blood filters.

Don’t let the symptoms of a blood clot go undiagnosed – we’re here to help. Not sure when to go to the ER? Learn more about the conditions we treat.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department treats the different types of blood clots in Goshen, IN.