Cancer Care

Find healing for bone and tissue cancer

Relatively rare cancers, bone and tissue cancers affect the bones and soft tissues of the body. With a fully integrated team of specialists, Goshen Center for Cancer Care treats all types of bone and tissue cancers in Goshen and Warsaw, IN, including:

  • Sarcoma – develops in the soft tissues including muscle, connective tissue, fat, nerves and blood vessels
  • Chondrosarcoma – the most common bone cancer in adults that begins in the cartilage
  • Osteosarcoma – the most common bone cancer in young adults
  • Peritoneal cancer – starts in the lining of the abdomen and is closely related to ovarian cancer
  • Ewing sarcoma – a bone cancer that affects young adults

We treat cancer differently than any other facility in the region by offering complete physical, emotional and spiritual care. Naturopathic medicine and other integrative therapies are part of every treatment plan.

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What are bone and tissue cancer symptoms?

The signs of bone and tissue cancer depend on the specific cancer and its location. The most common symptom is pain, usually in a limb. The pain tends to come and go at first, particularly at night or when using the limb. As the tumor grows, the pain can become constant. You may also feel a lump that may or may not be painful.

Your bone and tissue cancer treatment options at Goshen Center for Cancer Care

Along with integrative therapies, our team of board certified, fellowship trained specialists recommend bone and tissue cancer treatment that’s based on your unique needs. Your options may include:

  • Chemotherapy (also offered at our Warsaw location) to kill cancer cells or stop them from growing
  • Radiation therapy to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors
  • Targeted therapy to destroy cancer by using markers present only on cancer cells

With your complete well-being in mind, we provide supportive programs to answer your questions and make cancer a little less scary. Call (888) 492-4673 (HOPE) to learn more about our patient navigation program and survivor network.

Goshen Center for Cancer Care treats bone and tissue cancer in Goshen and Warsaw, IN, for patients throughout northern Indiana and southern Michigan.