Emergency Care

Healing broken arms with compassion and expertise

A broken arm includes fractures to any part of the arm, including the shoulder, elbow, wrist and joints. These fractures are sometimes compound, meaning they involve skin wounds from the broken bone. A broken arm is a medical emergency, as an untreated fractured arm can lead to serious, long-term complications.

If you or a family member experiences a broken arm in Goshen, IN, visit the compassionate team at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department. With 24/7 care and advanced imaging, you can trust us for skilled emergency treatment anytime you need it. We treat and stabilize a wide range of serious illnesses and conditions, including fractures.

Broken arm symptoms and causes

Sometimes the symptoms of a broken arm are obvious, such as bone sticking through the skin and a crooked arm. Other symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Difficulty moving the arm
  • Numbness or tingling

Don’t let these symptoms go undiagnosed. We’re dedicated to keeping your bones healthy and functioning as they should.

Trauma, such as from sports injuries and car accidents, is the most common cause of a broken arm. Osteoporosis and other medical conditions also lead to a high risk for a broken arm.

Treating a broken arm at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department

When it comes to a broken arm, we focus on healing the bone and helping you avoid future injuries. Emergency treatment for a broken arm mostly involves aligning and immobilizing the bone to allow it to heal properly. Some broken arms require surgery.

After emergency treatment for a broken arm, you may need physical therapy to fully recover. From orthopedic and sports medicine care to emergency treatment, Goshen Health has got you covered in preventing and treating broken arms. Visit us for all of your healthcare needs.

For communities throughout Elkhart County, Goshen Hospital Emergency Department provides skilled care for a broken arm in Goshen, IN.