Emergency Care

Treating leg fractures with complete care

A broken leg can affect the upper thigh bone or femur and the lower shin bones, including the tibia and fibula. Fractures are more likely to occur to the shin bones, as the femur is quite hard to break. However, falls, car accident injuries, sports injuries and other types of trauma can all lead to a broken femur.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Departments offers 24/7 care for broken legs in Goshen, IN. Our emergency room physicians collaborate with Goshen Orthopedics Colleagues to treat a variety of orthopedic-related traumas, including fractured bones. From providing fast pain relief to personalized treatment, you can rely on us. Visit our ER on High Park Avenue for all of your emergency needs.

Symptoms of a broken leg

In addition to pain, you may experience these symptoms if you have a broken leg:

  • Tenderness, swelling or bruising
  • Difficulty moving the leg, walking or bearing weight on the leg
  • Deformity of the leg such as being bent unnaturally
  • Hearing a snapping or grinding sound during the injury

If you experience these symptoms after trauma, call 911. You’ll need expert emergency treatment for the bone to heal properly and to prevent serious complications.

Treating leg fractures at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department

How we approach a broken leg mostly depends on the severity. From emergency surgery to noninvasive treatment, we have the equipment to treat a wide range of leg fractures.

The main broken leg treatments we use are:

  • Traction, which repositions bones using a gentle pulling action
  • External fixation, a type of surgery that uses a metal bar outside the skin to hold pins and screws in place while the bone heals
  • Open reduction and internal fixation, which is surgery to place pins, screws or plates on the surface of the bones
  • Casting to keep the bone in its proper place while it heals

Recovering after emergency treatment for a broken leg

At Goshen Health, we’re committed to returning you to your normal and favorite activities. Through Goshen Rehabilitation, we offer physical therapy that will help you heal and strengthen your bones. For all of your orthopedic-related needs, including emergency treatment and urgent care, visit Goshen Health.

Serving Elkhart County, Goshen Hospital Emergency Department treats broken legs in Goshen, IN.