Cancer Care

A patient navigator program for you and your family

After a cancer diagnosis, you may have many questions, concerns and even fears. As a new patient at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we help make life after a cancer diagnosis less scary. Part of our approach is providing the resources you need to ensure your best quality of life. Our cancer services coordinators are available to help you navigate cancer care at our center.

Our cancer services coordinators help you understand your diagnosis, treatment options and the supportive services available to you and your family. Whether you need help with cancer treatment in Goshen or Warsaw, IN, our team is here to help prepare you to fight cancer. Call (888) 492-4673 (HOPE) to talk with our oncology information specialists.

What to expect

Our cancer services coordinators serve as liaisons between patients, the multidisciplinary care team and the community. They support and guide patients through their oncology journey, from diagnosis to treatment and onto survivorship. As an advocate for patients, coordinators help with clinical and non-clinical needs, such as:

  • Coordinate appointments for diagnostic and therapeutic services
  • Track completion of diagnostic testing
  • Connect patients with community resources, financial services, transportation and home care
  • Coordinate transition from inpatient to outpatient care

Empowering our patients

Our patients have benefited from the new patient navigator program and learned about the helpful resources offered at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. We believe that when you have the information you need, you’ll be better prepared for coping with a diagnosis of cancer. And when you’re better prepared, you can expect less stress during your treatment with us.

At our center, cancer treatment is never a solo experience. From making the first steps to deciding on a treatment, we stay by your side. Call (574) 364-2888 or request an appointment online.

Goshen Center for Cancer Care provides help for cancer patients in Goshen and Warsaw, IN.