Cancer Care

Cancer Survivor Network

Whether it is gathering in large groups or one on one with a buddy, the goal of the Goshen Cancer Survivor Network is to link survivors together for strength, encouragement, support and hope throughout every step of the cancer journey. Because we know how important friends and family are to every stage of recovery, we also encourage them to participate in the network.

Our network provides access to many valuable resources that are designed to help you navigate your way through life once you receive a diagnosis of cancer. Physical and emotional support including cancer buddies for new patients, educational programs, speaker events and social activities are just a few examples of the opportunities we provide that will help you face each day with strength and hope for a healthy future.

These programs aren’t just for cancer patients, either. We understand how the disease also affects friends and family members so we encourage them to take advantage of our network, too.

Get connected

There’s no reason to face cancer alone. When you join our network, you’re able to connect to others who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings. Research has shown that friendships have a positive effect on health and well-being. By connecting with the people in our network, you’ll discover new friends through support groups, friendship groups, our Buddy Program, educational programs, nutrition classes and a variety of other social activities specifically designed to improve your quality of your life. Learn more at