Cancer Care

Cancer treatment options

We treat more than the cancer - we take care of you

Navigating a cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling overwhelmed, even with a sense that you've lost control over your health – and your life. Not only do you face many decisions about how to attack the disease, you may need to adjust your lifestyle to cope with the effects of your diagnosis. That's why we treat more than the disease – we take care of you at Goshen Center for Cancer Care.

Here, you can find dedicated cancer experts who are highly trained in the latest treatment options as well as wellness and support services that help you before, during and after treatment. 

Everything we do is centered around you and delivering the best possible care from initial diagnosis to recovery and beyond.

Right approach for you

Nowhere else in our region can you find the level of expertise across cancer specialties that we offer at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. It's how we can take on complex cases and offer life-saving therapies right here, close to home. 

  •  Surgery offers the greatest chance for diagnosis and cure of many types of cancer.
  •  Chemotherapy and other medical oncology therapies destroy cancer cells, oftentimes with targeted approaches that cause less damage to normal, healthy cells.
  • Targeted radiation kills cancer cells and shrinks tumors, while avoiding healthy tissue.
  • Integrative therapies reduce stress, enhance the immune system and diminish the side effects of certain medical conditions and conventional treatments.
  • Diagnostic services help us detect the cancer, identify its stage and determine treatment options.

Unparalleled expertise in one place

Our highly skilled cancer experts are dedicated solely to treating cancer. These nationally recognized surgical, medical, radiation and interventional oncologists work together in one group to attack your disease. We also offer a full suite of natural therapies and support services that improve your well-being before, during and after treatment.

We can help

Call (888) 492-HOPE to talk with our oncology information specialists.