Cancer Care

Care for patients with liver cancer

Few words are scarier to hear than a diagnosis of liver cancer. Shock and disbelief lead to so many questions and an overwhelming feeling. We understand. And we can help you understand more about your condition and options for treatment and support.

At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we’ve created a comprehensive treatment program for patients with liver cancer. It’s based on our commitment take care of you, from initial diagnosis and treatment to follow-up care and beyond.

Find hope and healing here

We want to change the way our patients live. That's why our innovative therapies stretch beyond the standard of care for liver cancer. It's also why we combine treatments in a particular sequence to improve chances of a better quality of life tomorrow.

Unparalleled expertise in one center

Nowhere else in our region can you find a team of cancer experts dedicated solely to treating patients who have cancer. These nationally recognized surgical, medical, radiation and interventional oncologists work together in one group to build a treatment plan specifically for you. That means you come to one place for complete, comprehensive cancer care from diagnosis to treatment and support throughout your journey.

We can help 

Whether you are diagnosed with cancer that started in the liver (primary) or spread to the liver (secondary), our specialists at Goshen Center for Cancer Care have the advanced training and experience needed to treat the disease and take care of you.

Call our Cancer Care Help Line at (888) 492-HOPE today.