Bariatrics & Managed Weight Reduction

Center for Weight Reduction video library

When it comes to weight reduction, what you gain is as important as what you lose. And when you lose a little, you gain a lot.

Lose a little. Gain memories.

Lose a little. Gain bike rides.

Lose a little. Gain quality time.

In this video, Nurse Practitioner Kathy Meier, explains our team approach for weight loss and steps for success.

In this video, Registered Dietician Ally Mast, explains how she can help you create a personalized plan to meet your goals.

In this video, Fitness Trainer Leanne Martin, explains our fitness program and classes.

In this video, Oliver shares how his weight loss journey inspired him to help other with weight loss.

In this video, Judie shares her weight loss journey and how now she is helping patients with their fitness goals.