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Targeting liver cancer tumors with chemoembolization

When it comes to treating liver cancer, we know that attacking the cancer with an aggressive and integrative approach is the best option. At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we treat liver cancer with chemoembolization, which delivers cancer-killing drugs directly to the tumor. With precise treatment like chemoembolization, we treat the cancer while preserving healthy areas of your body.

As the first comprehensive cancer center in northern Indiana, we offer chemoembolization in Goshen, IN, to provide complete care for liver cancer. Our team is ready to help you get started, whether you need a second opinion about your treatment or want to begin care with us. Call our oncology information specialist at (888) 492-4673 (HOPE) or request an appointment online.

What is chemoembolization?

Chemoembolization is a two-part treatment that delivers and traps chemotherapy drugs in the liver. It involves injecting the drugs into the main artery that delivers blood to the liver and then plugging the artery to concentrate the treatment. Chemoembolization also works by starving the tumor of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to grow, which eventually causes the cancer cells to die.

Surgery is a main treatment option for liver cancer, but it’s not effective for every patient. When surgery or other treatment options such as ablation aren’t the best for you, your treatment team may recommend chemoembolization.

What to expect with our integrative model of care

Chemoembolization takes place in our hospital, where you can receive all the care you need in a single location in Goshen. It begins with a specially trained oncology specialist inserting a thin catheter in your groin, which carries the potent chemotherapy drugs directly to the liver. The treatment takes about one or two hours, and many patients go home on the same day of their treatment. Your treatment team will discuss recovery, side effects and the next steps after chemoembolization.

Rest assured, we will take care of all of you during cancer treatment. You can expect an integrative approach that includes naturopathic medicine, nutrition services and other therapies to support you physically and mentally.

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Goshen Center for Cancer Care treats liver cancer with chemoembolization in Goshen, IN, for patients from Warsaw, Fort Wayne, South Bend and beyond.