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Our approach to lowering child obesity rates

According to the CDC, 18.5 percent of children and teenagers are considered obese, meaning the child carries an unhealthy amount of weight for his or her height. Although the weight-to-height ratio, or body mass index (BMI), is used to determine obesity, a child’s age and gender are also considered.

At Goshen Health, we know that child obesity prevention begins with awareness and education. With community events and programs, we educate families on how to reduce and prevent obesity.

Causes of childhood obesity

Many factors contribute to childhood obesity including eating too many calories and not getting enough exercise. Sometimes non-lifestyle factors, such as emotional problems, medications and medical conditions can lead to excessive weight gain in children.

Getting your child to a healthy weight is our goal, so we take the time to find the cause and treat it accordingly.

Childhood obesity prevention at Goshen Health

Getting the whole family on track with a healthier lifestyle is the best way to instill healthy habits in children. Our nutrition and fitness experts are right there with you, providing the support your family needs to get active and eat healthy. As a standard health screening, we offer height and weight assessments to measure a child’s BMI to learn if he or she is at risk for weight-related complications.

Goshen Health also offers local schools a free and fun program that gives students the opportunity to run their school's hallways for exercise. Research has demonstrated that after-school programs for children like Run the Halls provide opportunities for extra-curricular physical activity that can improve obesity-related outcomes. Learn more about ActiveTracRun the Halls and other school programs by calling (574) 364-2496.

Childhood obesity brochure
Childhood obesity brochure - Spanish