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Knowing a child's height and weight is the first step

As children age, it’s important to know how they’re growing. A height and weight assessment helps a child’s primary care provider track and evaluate his or her height and weight over time. They can compare it to averages to determine if there’s a problem with growth and nutrition, or if the child is at risk.

With health screenings for adults and children, Goshen Health Community Wellness and Education offers height and weight assessments for families throughout Elkhart County. This health screening keeps you up-to-date with your child’s health, so you’re one step ahead in preventing and treating any disorders. For more information on our next height and weight assessment, call (574) 364-2496.

Importance of growth charts

Growth measurements directly relate to a child’s nutritional status, health and well-being. Health professionals track these changes on a growth chart, which they can compare to national averages of children of the same age and sex.

Not all deviations in height and weight mean there’s a problem, although they often indicate:

  • Childhood obesity
  • Malnutrition
  • Underweight
  • Growth syndromes, such as dwarfism
  • Hormone disorders

At Goshen Health, we consider family traits and other factors to get a complete picture of a child’s overall health.

What it all means

In addition to tracking height, a child’s weight is equally as important in looking for problems or risks. While body mass index (BMI) is a standard measurement for adults, doctors evaluate a child’s height-to-weight ratio by looking at their percentile placement in relation to other children their age and gender.

Goshen Health Community Wellness and Education offers comprehensive preventive services for children, including height and weight assessments, in Goshen, IN.