Emergency Care

Quality emergency treatment for a broken collarbone

Your clavicle or collarbone connects the breastbone to the shoulder blade. It’s the bone you feel when you slide your fingers across your neck. Most clavicle fractures involve the middle of the bone where it’s the thinnest. Like most fractures, a broken clavicle requires immediate medical attention.

If you have symptoms of a broken clavicle in Goshen, IN, turn to the experts at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department. We offer round-the-clock emergency care and have the right tools to diagnose and treat a wide range of fractures, including broken collarbones. Visit us on High Park Avenue for all of your acute care needs.

Symptoms of a broken collar bone

If your clavicle fractures, you may experience pain or be able to see a deformity in the collarbone. Other broken collarbone symptoms include:

  • Tenderness to the touch
  • Hearing a snapping or grinding sound during the injury
  • Difficulty moving the shoulder
  • Lump or bump in the middle of the collarbone
  • Swelling in the middle of the collarbone

You may notice these symptoms after a car accident, sports injury or fall. With advanced imaging, we can get to the bottom of your symptoms and provide personalized care.

Treating a broken clavicle at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department

Most collarbone fractures heal without surgery. Our emergency team fixes the fracture by putting the bone back in place. To immobilize the bone to allow it to heal properly, treatment may include a sling.

If surgery is required, our trained emergency surgery specialists perform open reduction to reposition the bone and secure it with screws, plates or pins. After the collarbone heals, your doctor may remove the hardware.

At Goshen Health, we offer complete care for a broken collarbone. Whether we’re repairing the fracture, providing ongoing primary care or helping you heal with physical therapy, you can rely on us.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department treats broken collarbones in Goshen, IN, for communities in Elkhart County.